Tibetan Teaching Volunteer Project

This is an amazing opportunity to teach English as a foreign language or computer skills to Tibetan refugess. 

The programme is designed to give young Tibetan adults a chance at further education in order to improve their employment chances once they are back in Tibet. Tibetans who grow up in rural Tibet often have no chance at an education, therefore every year more than 4000 young Tibetans make the perilous journey across the Himalayas to reach India. The Tibetan Exile Government in Dharamsala as already established educational support where newly arrived refugees are educated for five years. The programme volunteers will be working seeks to compliment this. 

Every two years the school carefully chooses about 20 new students via an elaborate selection procedure. They then go on to be further educated for two years in English, Computer Skills and Chinese as these subjects are key for professional success once the students are back in Tibet.