Saving Sea Turtles in Borneo

Travel to Borneo and participate with a turtle nesting and land coral reef conservation project. The dual focus of this project is to renovate the coral reefs that have been badly damaged due to 45 years of fish bombing and to help protect the endangered Green and Hawksbill Turtles. The turtles come to the island from May to September to nest.

Working on this Island Coral Reef Conservation and Turtle Nesting project will help to increase the number of pelagic fish in the area. This is done through fish aggregating devices such as recycled water bottles, netlon, canvas and treated concrete structures and monitoring their success. As the fish are attracted to elements underwater that they can hide behind, you will be working to find the best solution in the area and to help implement the underwater planting of these devices.

The project conducts turtle surveys by boat and by snorkel during the day. At night time, members of the project team and volunteers monitor nesting to minimise poaching. The turtle nesting beach patrols are very important and start at 7-8pm and sometimes do not finish until 3 or 4 am. The majority of the turtles nest within 200m of the project base but the whole island has to be searched at least twice every evening. The island has about 300 nests each year and is a very significant nesting site for Green Turtles in SE Asia. Hawksbill turtles also nest but in much smaller numbers.

The project has recently started an aerial survey of the lagoons of 3 islands to get a more accurate count of all the turtles on a regular basis. All the activities are contributing towards protecting the habitats and lives of the turtle population and other marine wildlife.

*CHILDREN WITH GUARDIANS WELCOME*. Must be 18 years old otherwise.