South America

Amazon Riverboat Exploration

Amazon Riverboat Exploration (Earthwatch)

The Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, the location of this study, is a rare example of how conservation can work in collaboration with local people. Today, global climate change, bringing severe droughts and floods, threatens even this protected area. Your help is critical in the effort to survey, manage, and protect the region so that wildlife and local human communities can thrive together. What does it take to contribute to such an important project? You’ll float down a lazy river, watching dolphins leap and counting the macaws as they fly overhead.

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  • 1 to 2 Weeks
  • Iquitos, Peru Iquitos
    3° 26' 24" S, 73° 9' 0" W

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Volunteer in Brazil, Environmental & Agriculture programmes in Rio de Janerio

As a volunteer for an environmental programme, you can help to support and develop some of the most precious natural spaces, while providing alternatives to low income communities for how to dispose of waste and recycle. From conservation projects to urban renewal, we have partnerships with a number of NGOs and programmes helping to protect Rio de Janerio’s stunning landscape. Rio de Janeiro boasts one of the most magnificent contrasting landscapes in the world: cascading forests on massive mountains adjacent to a world class city.

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  • 2 Weeks to 1 Month
    1 to 3 Months
    More than 3 Months
  • Rio de Janerio 20.240-130 Rio de Janerio
    22° 52' 38.784" S, 43° 11' 53.6712" W

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