Help Conserve Habitats Home to Penguins and Koalas: Volunteer + Adventure


Work to conserve and enhance habitat areas for flagship species in Australia. Help create a natural habitat to ensure the conservation of penguins, shearwaters and koalas! International Student Volunteers (a non-profit organization) invites you to provide essential support for a range of activities from wildlife protection, revegetation, monitoring, heritage conservation and asset protection. After giving back, you will then reward yourself by participating in an incredible two week adventure tour, which includes snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, white water rafting, exploring Fraser Island and so much more! The park you will be working for was formed in 1996, in order to preserve delicate ecosystems including dunes, mangroves, salt marsh wetlands, woodlands and revegetated areas–all of which provide significant wildlife habitats.

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  • 2 Weeks to 1 Month
  • Cowes , VIC
    Victoria AU

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Saving Koala's in Australia

In the Great Otway National Park in Victoria, Australia, koalas are widespread and relatively abundant. With the increasing impact of climate change on the environment, however, higher densities of koalas in some areas are causing declining tree conditions. Better understanding of the potential impact of climate change on koalas and their habitat will pave the way toward developing conservation solutions. You’ll have a chance to work closely with koalas and be involved in all aspects of the research: capturing and handling koalas (under the supervision of an experienced staff member), radiotracking koalas, taking measurements of trees, assessing habitats, collecting scats and preparing them for analysis, operating camera traps that automatically take pictures of passing animals, and looking for koalas at night with spotlights.

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  • 1 to 2 Weeks
  • Great Otway National Park Apollo Bay , VIC
    38° 46' 23.9988" S, 143° 33' 27" E
    Victoria AU

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