North America

Saving Costa Rica's Pacific Sea Turtles

This particular project offers four locations for conservation travellers to choose from, all along Costa Rica's popular Nicoya Peninsula, located south of surf mecca Tamarindo. One week rates are less than $500 USD/per person, and include lodging, all meals, training, and a small contribution to ongoing sea turtle conservation efforts. Being able to speak Spanish is not necessary for participating at this project. There will always be a Spanish speaking coordinator on site to help with local communication.

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  • 1 to 2 Weeks
    2 Weeks to 1 Month
  • Nicoya Peninsula
    Costa Rica
    9° 47' 14.5248" N, 85° 16' 24.924" W

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Saving Turtles in Hawaii


Green sea turtles (called honu locally) are found in the nearshore waters of the Hawai'ian Islands. Predominantly nesting in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, green turtles can be found off Maui's shallow waters, and basking in large numbers on specific beaches on the island's popular north shore. Basking is a rare behavior in which green sea turtles crawl ashore for reasons other than nesting.

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  • Less than 1 Week
  • Maui
    United States
    20° 53' 14.568" N, 156° 30' 16.5096" W

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