Volunteer Teaching in Moldova

Teach in Moldova

Volunteers are sought for placements teaching English in elementary and secondary schools and in an English language centre. The location is the town of Causeni, 80km from Chisinau, the capital. Most of the schools were constructed in the Soviet era and are functional, but basic. Facilities are limited, often amounting to just a chalkboard, although increasingly schools have computers and video playing facilities. Most secondary pupils will have commenced learning English at about ten years old.

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  • Moldova
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Working With Children, Albania

Volunteers are assigned to a placement at a centre located on the edge of Albania's capital, Tirana. Here, the volunteer’s duties are essentially educational, including imparting socialising skills. Volunteers assist the kindergarten teacher by developing creative games and entertaining activities for the children, teaching them drawing and handicrafts, accompanying the children on excursions and participating in relevant cultural activities.

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  • Albania
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