English interaction with kids in Thailand

Travel to the exquisite and idyllic Andaman region and experience white sand beaches and tropical jungle as you become immersed in the local culture. Contribute to helping the communities improve their future opportunities while living and working in a side of Thailand that so many tourists miss out on. You will be teaching English in local schools so that children can develop their language skills in order to work towards better future education and work opportunities, while we aim to help the community overall to improve their quality of life through education and maintain their unique culture.

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  • 2 Weeks to 1 Month
    1 to 3 Months
  • Phang Nga
    8° 43' 53.7852" N, 98° 14' 24.7344" E

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Tibetan Teaching Volunteer Project

This is an amazing opportunity to teach English as a foreign language or computer skills to Tibetan refugess.  The programme is designed to give young Tibetan adults a chance at further education in order to improve their employment chances once they are back in Tibet. Tibetans who grow up in rural Tibet often have no chance at an education, therefore every year more than 4000 young Tibetans make the perilous journey across the Himalayas to reach India.

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  • More than 3 Months
  • Dharamsala

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