A Primate Saving Photo Initiative

Photographers are needed to help document all the monkeys at this monkey sanctuary just outside Plettenburg Bay in South Africa. The sanctuary is open to the public and the monkeys in the sanctuary roam freely as they would in the wild. The aim of the project is that visitors leave with a greater understanding of the primates of the world and the threats they are facing. One of the main goals is to educate the public about the adverse effects of keeping primates and birds as pets, in terms of both physical and psychological health.

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  • 1 to 3 Months
    More than 3 Months
  • Plettenburg Bay
    South Africa
    33° 59' 51.9432" S, 23° 20' 43.764" E

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Marine Conservation Internship in Tanzania

The vivid, multi-hued coral reefs support a dazzling array of tropical reef fish and provide rich feeding grounds for turtles, rays and other marine creatures, whilst the deep blue offshore waters support sharks, dolphins and whale sharks, as well as vast shoals of cruising pelagics. Dive and snorkel to explore this pristine seascape and you'll discover and chart extensive areas of undamaged coral, find healthy populations of multicoloured fish, see turtles and marine mammals, and learn to recognise a huge diversity of inter-tidal animals from tiny hermit crabs to pastel-hued anemones.

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  • 1 to 3 Months
    More than 3 Months
  • Mafia Island
    7° 57' 56.9808" S, 39° 44' 21.768" E

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