Saving Queensland's Manatees & Dolphins

Moreton Bay is home to Moreton Island, which attracts many tourists with its crystal-clear lakes, pristine lagoons, and abundant marine life. But as Brisbane grows, this vital marine ecosystem faces extreme threats from coastal development, pollution, and increased freight traffic (the city has one of Australia’s fastest growing container ports).

Help scientists figure out exactly how industrialization is affecting Moreton Bay by snorkeling, boating, and wading in its clear waters. You will collect ecological data on the sediment, seagrass, and small fish and marine animals living there to determine how humans are changing the ecosystem. Seagrass, small fish and marine animals are key food sources for larger animals, such as fish, dugongs, and dolphins, so the health of these resources is important to the animals that call the bay home.

The information you collect will go into a report on the health of Moreton Bay, which researchers will use to educate the community and encourage politicians to protect this vital marine ecosystem. You can be a part of this important scientific research in subtropical Queensland, and see amazing wildlife in a beautiful environment along the way.

Expeditions are cost approximately $2800 (varies with currency fluctuation), are 7 days in length, include meals, accommodation, local transfers, training/lectures, and a modest contribution goes to the ongoing sustainability of the program.