Dolphin Research in Slovenia

A decade ago, people thought that dolphins occasionally visited the Adriatic Sea off Slovenia, but didn’t actually live there. The researchers who lead this expedition proved the conventional wisdom wrong: they identified and tracked up to 100 dolphins that feed, breed, and nurse in the sea year round.

Make it possible for these researchers to continue monitoring the dolphins they’ve come to know over the past decade. Help them learn which parts of the Adriatic sea are most important to the dolphins, so that they can provide key policy makers with the research necessary to draft laws that protect the waters and dolphins.

The researchers also want to get a better understanding of how the dolphins interact. They’ve started to recognize two different social groups, and want to know more about how and why these two sets of dolphins stick together.

Each day, you’ll boat into the Adriatic to search for these charismatic marine mammals. You’ll record their behavior and environmental data. You will also note any loggerhead sea turtles that you happen to spot; the Adriatic is an important breeding habitat for this species.

10 day trips run June through September. Expect costs in/around $2700 USD and include apartment accommodations, meals, training, and a contribution to the ongoing financial health of the research and conservation program.