Empowering Women in Peru

Our program partner in Peru urgently needs volunteers for it programs in Cusco, and surrounding regions. Working closely with our local partner, we offer the chance to interact (conversationally), work with children in orphanages and undertake medical placements, as well as a number of other programs. Your efforts as a volunteer will drastically improve the lives of people in the local communities.

As a volunteer in Peru, you can be sure that your skills and expertise are sorely needed. And the satisfaction and fulfilment that this can give a volunteer is not something that one often gets from a job or internship. Plus as a volunteer traveler, you will get a chance to interact with others on this project, and with the local community that your are immersed in on a day-to-day basis. You will be meeting people whose experiences of life may challenge your assumptions and values. You will meet people who are curious about you, and you will be learning all the time about this wonderful country, its people and its language.

Through volunteering in Peru you can gain insight into this fascinating South American country. And the flexibility of duration that our volunteer programs offer means that you can sign yourself up for as little as a two-week stay, or upwards of a six-month commitment.

Placements in Peru can commence on any day of the year and volunteers in can participate from as little as two weeks. There is no cap on the length of time one can stay. Costs vary by time in-destination, and cover registration fees, accommodation, food, orientation, transport, and in-country support staff throughout the duration of your volunteer placement. A small amount is also set aside for future program development. When you consider the costs you might incur at a hotel or eating at restaurants, the costs are minimal.Local partners are grassroot organisations, and in most cases are solely funded by volunteer fees. For them to be able to continue the amazing work they do, volunteer fees and donations are essential.

NOTE: Volunteers in Peru must be at least 18 years old at the start of the placements (unless accompanied by an adult). All placements require a modest/intermediate level of conversational Spanish. However, if volunteers don't know Spanish they can spend the first 2 weeks taking Spanish lessons before they begin their volunteer placement. We recommend a very affordable Spanish course offered by the same local project partner, which can be arranged simultaneously with your placement team. The Women's Empowerment program has a minimum duration of 4 weeks.