Marine Conservation and Diving in Colombia

Discover Colombia – one of five so-called “mega-diverse countries” in the world that exhibits extraordinarily high species diversity. Although the country (located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea) accounts for less than one percent of the Earth’s surface, it ranks among the top countries in terms of number of endemic species. The country’s tropical rainforests have a well-documented biodiversity and the two oceans present a vast marine territory.

All marine ecosystems of Western Tropical Atlantic are represented in the warm enclosed waters of the Caribbean Sea which is second in the world in number of coral species after the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Eighty percent of species are found in the surroundings of the Archipelago of San Andres and Providencia. A total of 215 mollusk species and 115 crustacean species have been recorded at sea bottoms. You may get a chance to view humpback whales from mid-June to November and there are unique diving areas for hammerhead and silky shark sightings.

Rates from $699/wk for a minimum 3 week duration. Fees help covers the following:
- Food
- Accommodation
- Internal ground transfers & in-transit accommodation (free for volunteers arriving on the first Monday of the month & those joining for 4+ weeks)
- Pre-departure support
- Travel & medical advice & documentation
- Local orientation
- Project training, equipment & materials
- Use of dive kit including Regs, tanks, BCDs, weights, compressor
- In-country emergency support