Healthcare support in Thailand

You will find yourself struggling to avert your gaze from this program located in Phang Nga, a province recognised for its stunning picturesque beaches and island oases in the southern region of Thailand.

You will work with children and potentially some adults that are physically or mentally disabled or suffering from other illness or injury in the provision of rehabilitative activities and exercises in order to stimulate body and mind and assisting in other areas such as health and hygiene education where required in schools, orphanages and community centres.

In Thailand resources for disabled and debilitated people are either extremely limited or non-existent, but you will be able to fill a crucial void in the provision of these simple activities and exercises to provide these people with opportunities for stimulation and learning.

You will be working in a social centre for disabled children leading simple games, exercises, play or art therapy and learning activities with children based there.  At other times you will be teaching and leading health and hygiene education and sports programs at the local school and orphanage. Other opportunities for teaching and support in other sectors of the community may be available during your stay and is subject to demand by the community and our local partners. 

How this project makes a difference:

In Thailand the infrastructure, support and resources for the disabled is extremely limited. The added support to the families of these individuals helps reduce their burden and provide them with tools they can use at home.

Leading simple health related exercises in local schools and communities can be used for exercise, relaxation and focusing the mind as well as providing basic stimulation. Basic health and hygiene education and support will make the difference in the overall quality of the community’s lives.

Cost includes:

Pre-departure support and discounted services; 24-hour emergency phone; Airport pick-up (unless otherwise stated); Arrival orientation; Long term experienced staff; Safe and basic accommodations (usually shared); All meals (unless otherwise stated in field manuals); Welcome meeting; Location orientation; All necessary project training by experienced staff; All necessary project equipment and materials; 24-hour in-country support;