Elephant Volunteer Project, Thailand

Volunteer at the elephant sanctuary at Mae Chaem and help give the elephants a chance to live free as well as providing support to the local community.

Established in 2011, this elephant sanctuary was created with the aim of owners and locals on the elephant situation in Thailand as well as providing an alternative for owners to retire their elephants to a place they call home. Currently the project rents two old female elephants to provide an alternative for their owners, thus keeping them out of trekking camps or the tourism industry. This gives the elephants a natural home where they can behave like real elephants. 

As a volunteer you will be involved in a range of tasks such as:

As well as elephants the project rescues and rehabilitates local wildlife such as owls. They also have a sanctuary to tortoises, dogs and cats. Volunteers may have the chance to get involved with tasks including building enclosures, making beds for animals and fixing fences. 

There is also the chance for volunteers to work together with the local community and can join in on projects such as: