Ocean Spirits Leatherback Sea Turtle Project, Grenada

Volunteer in the Caribbean and get involved with leatherback sea turtle monitoring, research and community outreach programme. Based on the island of Grenada the Ocean Spirits programme focuses on the conservation of the marine turtles and has been featured on Secret Caribbean documentary presented by Sir Trevor Macdonald. 

As a research volunteer you will be involved in night patrols of the nesting sites, flipper tagging, data collection, nest excavations and assisting with organised sea turtle watches for school/community groups. 

From this you will gain invaluable experience. You will become an active member of the research team throughout your stay, gaining hands on experience. You will also be directly helping the reduction of illegal egg poaching activities. The presence of nightly patrols has helped reduce this threat by 60%. You will also help increase community participation and contribute to the turtles preservation.