Dharamsala Community Development Project, India

Volunteers are needed to work on grassroots community development projects in Dharamsala, Northern India, home of the Tibetan Refugee community and his holiness the Dalai Lama. Volunteer projects include education, primary care, women's empowerment, health education and more.

Volunteers can work on one or more of a range of community service projects in Dharamsala, including:

- Teaching Projects - Teaching English to women and children

- IT Teaching - Teaching basic IT skills

- Childcare Projects - Caring for infants and children, including street children

- After school programmes/Summer camps - Assisting local teachers and staff with after school programmes and summer camps

- Renovation of local institutions - Assisting with the renovation of local institutions and creating clean, bright learning spaces

- Community Health - Making community health visits/community health awareness training

- Women's Empowerment - Working towards improving women's rights in society (including job skills training)