Cambodia Community Compassion

Cambodia is one of the most fascinating countries in Southeast Asia. Following years of war and genocide, Cambodia is now a very safe place to visit, and most importantly, extremely needy. The Angkor Wat temple complex is an enormous tourist draw and the city of Siem Reap is seeing more visitors than ever.

Unfortunately, most Cambodians are not reaping the benefits of the blossoming tourism industry, and a large percentage of people still live in abject poverty. Cambodia's children are in need of attention, there is a burgeoning street-child problem, and schools are inadequately equipped to deal with the increasing number of students. Over 50% of the population is under 25. In addition, thousands of Cambodians are maimed and killed every year when they step on the unexploded landmines that remain in the countryside from the years of horrible war.

As so many have been injured by landmines, or are victims of polio and other debilitating illnesses, volunteers assemble and distribute wheelchairs to needy recipients in rural villages. The wheelchair project will be possible based on availability of parts and in accordance with shipping and customs regulations. Volunteers may help teach children in the village school. A set itinerary is created, though there is ample room to pick and choose projects that appeal to you the most.