Environmental Conservation Across Australia

Volunteer in Australia and get involved in vital environmental conservation projects. Founded in 1982, these projects have the environment at the heart of their mission which is to protect, preserve and restore Australia’s unique, natural beauty. Volunteers will take part in varied activities which may include environmental monitoring; Heritage Restoration; tree planting; endangered species protection and disaster relief to name some. This project will be enjoyed by all who have a love for the outdoors, who are environmentally concerned and up for a challenge.

There are 7 locations across Australia that you can work, including Tasmania, Queensland, NSW and Western Australia! It has become increasingly important for us, as responsible global citizens, to recognise and act upon the challenges which are facing our natural environment. Although Australia is a developed country, its varied landscapes, from lush rainforests to the desert outback, can prove difficult to manage with climatic instability and human impacts. The country’s fragile environment is unfortunately suffering from species and habitat loss and environmental degradation.

Climate change and the El Nino/La Nina oscillation further exacerbate the issue which increases the chance of often disastrous forest fires or devastating floods, as were experienced in Brisbane in January 2011. People in Australia highly value their natural environment and although there are professionals in the field, volunteers play a huge role in responding to environmental challenges by bringing enthusiasm and energy to the toughest of projects and disaster relief efforts.