Environmental Conservation in Ibiza, Spain

Casita Verde (Green House) is an incredible eco-center focused on permaculture techniques. Situated in a beautiful valley near the village of San Jose, Ibiza, Casita Verde is the flagship project of the association (NGO) Ibiza Ecologic.

It is considered an experiential eco-education center, and showcases best practices for sustainable living and alternative energies. Casita Verde includes almost 14 acres of working farm land created to demonstrate ecological development powered by wind and sun energy.

They recycle all the water used by residents and visitors to promote zero-carbon emissions. The center supports ecological research and volunteer efforts such as beach cleaning and environmental education programs. Spend your days improving and maintaining farm facilities, expanding production of alternative energy systems, and promoting environmental awareness, all while learning environmentally responsible skills and techniques you can bring back home.

Why the Project Needs You:
This gorgeous Mediterranean island is renowned for its rich culture and incredible scenery. The beautiful surroundings, however, draw an equally incredible number of Spanish and international tourists each year placing a large strain on the already limited natural resources of Ibiza.

Casita Verde, stands as a functioning and successful example of effective green practices, as well as a leader in educating the community on how to make choices to protect you and the environment.

You don’t need to be an Environmental Science major to volunteer at the center; during your volunteer experience at Casita Verde, you will be a part of a passionate and environmentally conscious team of individuals working to make a real and lasting difference for the island and its community.

How You Will Make a Difference:
Maintain and improve the farm facilities
Install alternative energy systems
Promote environmental awareness among visitors
Cook delicious, organic meals for visitors
Learn permaculture farming
Assist with Sunday community visits/meals