English interaction with kids in Thailand

Travel to the exquisite and idyllic Andaman region and experience white sand beaches and tropical jungle as you become immersed in the local culture. Contribute to helping the communities improve their future opportunities while living and working in a side of Thailand that so many tourists miss out on.

You will be teaching English in local schools so that children can develop their language skills in order to work towards better future education and work opportunities, while we aim to help the community overall to improve their quality of life through education and maintain their unique culture.

You will have the opportunity to experience a culture and a way of life that most tourists miss on the normal tourist trail. Visit local natural highlights such as limestone rock formations, amazing caves and white sandy beaches with crystal emerald waters. Learn how to cook Thai food, speak basic Thai, and immerse yourself in this vibrant and welcoming culture.

Cost includes:
Pre-departure support and discounted services
; 24-hour emergency phone
; Airport pick-up (unless otherwise stated); 
Arrival orientation; 
Long term experienced staff
; Safe and basic accommodations (usually shared)
; All meals (unless otherwise stated in field manuals); 
Welcome meeting; 
Location orientation; 
All necessary project training by experienced staff; 
All necessary project equipment and materials
; 24-hour in-country support
; Complete immersion in the local culture
; An optional home stay with a traditional Thai family; Learning the basics of the Thai language; 
Learning how to cook a number of tasty Thai dishes, including some regional favorites;