Conservation Volunteers Australia & New Zealand

Become a conservation volunteer in locations across Australia and New Zealand.  Volunteers will have the opportunity to carry out tree planting, trail construction, wildlife surveying, invasive species control and a range of other environmental volunteer projects. Volunteer as part of a team and meet new people from across Australia and the world.

You can volunteer in Australia or New Zealand for between 1 week and 12 weeks in duration, and we have places available throughout the year.

Individuals, groups and students are all welcome.

Cost for accommodation, food, equipment, in-country travel and training starts from £380

Volunteer on a range of conservation projects and help to protect, preserve and restore Australian and New Zealand environments.

Volunteers can choose to start from a range of different locations (16 locations around Australia and 3 in New Zealand) and normally travel to a different project location every week.

Volunteers work in teams of up to 10 on projects in urban, regional and remote locations. Team Leaders provide training on-site. Typical Activities include:

• Tree planting
• Walking trail construction
• Wildlife surveys
• Seed collection
• Weed control
• Conservation fencing
• Heritage restoration